2016 campaign content for Facebook

#Still not drinking

Following a succesful round of pitching, CRUK enlisted our team to work on some content to live on Facebook during the 2016 event held in January. Creating daily content that engages an audience is no easy feat, so we have to think of something special that would appeal and make people smile.

The concept focused around the idea of life after that last drink and how rather than a trial of denial, people taking the Dryathlon challenge should really embrace the time off that they have to do something amazing or daft. Or both.

Peter Dickson helped the audience believe in themselves

My role in the project was as cretive director, taking care of all of the art direction managing the illustrators and animators, junior team and working with a copywriter to bring my storyboard concept script to life. I was also responsible for compling the final edit. For the voice over of the piece, we used none other than the voice of X Factor himself, Mr Peter Dickson, which really helped up the ante of the humour and wit.

Daily content

We created a main content film showcasing plenty of ideas, very abstract but intended to get the audience to think outside the box and feel abitious. With the main content created, we were able to create daily micro content for the social team to post and engage their audience with - suggestions as memes/stills and short cut bumpers of the film for the client to use throughout January.

Idea generator

We used video as a smoke and mirrors way of creating an 'interactive' idea generator where all the audience had to do after reading the accompanying Facebook post was simply pause the video to get a suggestion.