Little Big Planet franchise hub

As the franchise grew, Little Big Planet needed a central destination to showcase the series. The aim of the project with Sony was to come up with some creative ideas of how best to achieve this online. I visited Media Molecule, creators of the series, and was given access to some of the incredible assets to work with.

The concept

I wanted to create a fully responsive online space for fans old and new to visit. The series is aimed at youngsters. The source material is filled with imagination and character. These elements fueled the idea that the site should be bursting with personality, super simple with a few quirks here and there.

Working as a full-screen experience, the user navigates the site using a tabbed anchoring device (on the right) to 'slide' between content pages displaying trailers, descriptions and links individual to each entry in the series.
Using the tabs or scrolling, the user activates some parallaxing layers between sections, with the iconic stickers moving into and through the screen.