Luminary bakery

Rising hope in East London

Luminary know their lemon drizzle from their drop scone.

But more than that, they’ve found a wonderful way of using their baked goods for the good of vulnerable women in East London, breaking the cycle of abuse, crime and poverty.

Tasked with creating a promotional piece for the agency at Christmas, the team an I got in touch with the ladies at Luminary to ask if we could collaborate. The creative insight was that by making something good and sharing it, we were in affect helping the ladies at Luminary, helping the organisation gain some recognition for the amazing things that they do.

My role was project lead: art directing across all components – printed card, illustrations, animation – and working closely with the film team directing the shoot and controlling the edit. The team and I then brought it all to life digitally on a responsive website, also creating micro content to promote on social.

Spot colours that pop

What we really wanted to get from the card apart from some nice stock with a good texture was something with amazing spot colours that really popped and opened your eyes. With the illustrated text, we made it onomatopoeic, giving it a special depth when you read it and looked at it.

Fullscreen video

The physical card and email directed the audience to a single page website, featuring a fullscreen video header where the film could be watched, story be told and recipe could be downloaded so people could bake their own delicious treats.