O2 Think Big

Supporting the ambitions of young entrepreneurs

Crafting a user experience for youths

Think Big is an initiative funded by the gigantic mobile network O2. The aim of Think Big is to help youths kickstart their careers by making a project. Young people can apply for a £300 grant with which they can then use it to make their project a reality. O2 Think Big had an online portal for the youngsters to use. The only problem was nobody was really using it because it didn't cater properly for the needs of the digital and social obsessed audience. This was the creative challenge that we faced.

Step 1: What do they want?

To get to the nitty gritty of what the user wanted, we conducted a workshop with 20 or so youths that were already actively involved with Think Big. By asking them what would be most useful and presenting them with some new initial concepts, we were able to distill some truths that would help us create a much better site and user experience.
Youths: They are always on their mobile device. They're always communicating and connecting. They live online. They're always out and about chasing an idea. They love to evidence what they're doing.

Step 2: UX & wireframing

A set of requirements helped inform and guide the digital team as we progressed into forming the user experience and creating a set of wireframes, spanning desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The wireframes were my responsibility, working with the client to find an air-tight experience for the youths.

Step 3: Design

Working closely with the Thing Big client and the broader O2 brand team, a full set of designs were created across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Creatively, I had to be very mindful that a variety of content would exist across the site, a CMS for the client and the users that would be using it.
The end result is fresh and clean, using flat design to create a Google-esque space where the ideas and ambitions of the young people can flourish and inspire other young people looking to bring their own projects to life, thanks to O2.