AMMO magazine

The Poop Deck project & exhibition

52 cards in the deck. 52 artists across 4 suits.

Outside of studio life I like to tinker with drawing, sketching and illustrating. I was excited to be invited by the excellent people at AMMO Magazine to create a piece in the Poop Deck Project and have it exhibited in Soho, London.

The illustration appeared on the specific card in a real deck of cards containing all of the artists involved in the show. The final pieces was also printed in large format, framed and sold on the opening night of the show which was kindly sponsored by Sailor Jerrys rum.

The Pirate Captain Billy Narwal

"The skulls on his belt, hat and sleeve are of the 3 legendary skeltopus creatures - un-dead skeleton octopus deep sea wizards that he defeated, one of which was indeed a cycloskeltopus (a one eyed skeltopus to you and I). He gets the handle of 'Narwal' because he defeated that particular one eyed foe by throwing a nearby wild Narwal straight into its eye, thus defeating it in a nautical puff of ink. The golden parrots are the treasure booty acquisition from such a daring adventure. He teases and taunts them, but the parrots look out for each other and in this particular illustration you can see that they are about to get their own back."


I've always enjoyed illustrating in my own time. With this piece I sketched everything before inking it using Japanese brush pens and a light box. The colouring is all done digitally in Photoshop using a set of custom brushes.

I recently aquired a Wacom Cintiq and am experimenting with evolving my style, going 100% digital.