WWF Collectives

Crowdfunding and fundraising join forces to save the planet

The power of choice

Get closer to the animals, environments, people and issues that you care about. Collectives is about choice and giving an individual a role in a larger community. The Kickstarter approach funds individual global projects, giving direct, real-time feedback and content. Tapping into the notion of behavioural economics, defining three tribes of 'collectives' focuses the user to make a decision based on their emotional attachement to a category and the criteria/objectives within.

We developed three collectives - Climate, Wild Places and Wildlife - shown here in these logos which I animated.

Step 1: Pitching

Collectives was a pitch winning idea, although in the first few instances when we were exploring names, Choices and NOW were good contenders. We felt Collectives offered a better community vibe and a more creative way to identify the key areas that WWF work in. You can see the scamp and pitch mock-up below.

Step 2: UX & wireframing

After a set of requirements were gathered, the user journey and strategy helped to inform the user experience and creation of the wireframes across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Step 3: Design

Working with the WWF brand was a complete pleasure, having access to a phot library containing images of wonderment and sometimes real horror. Designs were rolled out across desktop, tablet and mobile device specifications. Particular care was taken to make sure brand consistancy ran through. Smaller flourishes such as the animated logos were added in to give the project some lift and spectacle.